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Date Finished: 10/11/11

Score: B

Genre: Chick Lit/Mystery

Opening Line: “… The rapping at the front door of the carriage house was unmistakable…”

Eloise (Weezie) Foley is officially divorced from her cheating ex-husband Tal Evans. Weezie has gained possession of the carriage house as part of her divorce settlement so is literally living at the bottom of the garden of her ex and his new fiancée, aka the other woman, Caroline De Santos. There is no love lost between the two women, and is Caroline’s unmistakable rapping at the front door as the book opens. Trying to earn an income Weezie turns to her passion of finding and selling antiques and finds her stock by foraging through discarded treasures and rubbish in garbage cans, garage sales and at estate sales to repair and resell. When she discovers that a huge estate sale is coming up with some quality stuff, Weezie wants to be first in line to view the goods so she and her friend BeBe sleep in the car out the front of the mansion to ensure first place. In the early hours of the morning Weezie needs to go to the bathroom, trouble is all the trees have cars parked under them so she breaks into the mansion and literally trips over the dead body of Caroline. Weezie is arrested for the murder.

SAVANNAH BLUES handles some very meaty topics in a lighthearted, but never trivialised manner, it is a nice light ‘summer beach’ read. Well written, I found it to be very funny in parts and entertaining for the balance. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a quick mystery read that is not too heavy and has a touch of romance. I loved the quirky characters such as Uncle James, a closet gay and ex-Catholic priest now turned lawyer, his clients still want him to hear their confessions. Then there is flighty BeBe Weezie’s best friend and owner of pricey bistro, Weezie’s alcoholic mother and long suffering and loyal father, and then there is Daniel an old flame from High School, a wonderful cook, good looking and interested in Weezie.


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